Carbon Brushes for Motors and Generators.A carbon brush(motor brush) is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part in a motor or generator, paying the important role of sending electrical current between motionless and rotating parts.

Since the performance of the brush has significant impact of the performance of rotating machine,the choice of brush is a critical factor.As carbon brushes supplier specialist, HanCarbon develop and produce carbon brushes for a variety of customer needs and purposes in China.

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A carbon brush can be:
Made of one or more carbon blocks
Equipped with one or more shunts / terminals

Advantage of Carbon Brushes:
Excellent self-lubrication and abrasion resistance
Superior conductivity
Outstanding durability
Superior ridability during sliding contact

carbon motor brushes

Application-Carbon/ Metal Graphite Brush
General Industrial:DC motors, Electrical trains, Wind-generated power
Power supply
Vacuum cleaners
Home appliances:Washing machines
Electric power tools:Grinders
Micro motors:Printers

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Manufacturing Process

carbon brush manufacturing process

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