Graphite Electrodes Are Used Mainly In Electric Arc Furnace Steel Production. , For Its Excellent Electrical Conductivity And Remarkable Anti-Thermal Shock Capability.

In General, Carbon Is Produced By Carbonizing Mixed Coke Substances With Binding Pitch At 1,000°C In A Baking Furnace. When This Carbon Is Graphitized In An Electric Furnace At 3,000°C, The Amorphous Carbon Body Takes On The Structure Of Crystalline Graphite. This Is Called Graphite. Carbon Materials Are Usually Pitch Impregnated And Re-Baked To Enhance Electrical And Mechanical Properties Before Graphitization.

Graphite Has The Features Below

  • High Temperature Strength
  • Good Thermal And Electrical Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Appropriate Machinability

These Features Make Graphite Electrode The Most Suitable Material To Melt Scraps, DRI, Etc.